A balanced focused Studio.

Yoga, HIIT workouts, plants, meditation, nutrition, or how to make the perfect cup of coffee. From the ordinary to the unconventional, learn a skill that makes you happy — taught by passionate humans around the world.


Live streamed classes. Every week + Retreats

Access to 10+ live classes per week in different disciplines led by passionate humans or access our growing library with multiple disciplines at anytime. Take a step further and join retreats curated by us around the world featuring our teachers.  

Live + Recorded Sessions

Live classes streamed daily or access our growing library with multiple disciplines at anytime.

A holistic approach

We’ve searched, and there’s a serious shortage of digital and physical spaces that promote holistic education and well-being. hinter studio is your one-stop-shop created for humans who want to learn new skills, improve their well-being and be part of a forward-thinking community.


Merging digital and physical worlds. Curated and organized by our team and featuring some of our teachers. Destinations around the world including hand picked hotels focused on design, nature, and sustainability.


Restorative and educational retreats around the world

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Access to all of our disciplines, includes live stream classes + all the content in our library on a monthly basis.

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Built for travellers in mind, the annual pass includes unlimited access to our content + 10% discounts when booking our retreats

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